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Working as a SW OC

Some that follow me on Twitter may have seen my post recently of a classless person that reached out to me via text, then when I stated that I generally don't even reply to messages without a proper introduction because that sets the first impression, proceeded to use the n word and get his feelings hurt. I shared that message with the world because it is something that we as women of color face everyday. Unfortunately, it is not just in the world of sex work. It's the entire world that we live in. And yes, most of the time we continue to smile, stand tall, and act like it doesn't affect us. Some days it doesn't. But others? Others, it hurts to the core.

Why should we have to CONTINUE to be stones, and act like our feelings never matter to appease those that are uncomfortable witnessing our feelings? Why should their discomfort or blatant disrespect come before another human being's well being?

But this is the world we live in today. A world where we stay silent at the risk of the world only seeing an 'angry black woman'. We stay silent because we are told to 'calm down so people won't be uncomfortable'. We stay silent because we don't want our money to be affected by having the audacity to stand up for ourselves and not take the abuse.

Well, I am comfortable enough at my age in my skin that I believe that those that see me, know me. They know that I will give the shirt off my back to help someone in need, even if I really am not in a position to. They know that I deal with alot of crap from people until I just can't take anymore, and stand up for myself, and I end up being the one being called selfish when I do. They know that I prefer to smile over frowning, and that I prefer to see others smile as well. I don't let the losers like this guy in the world get me down. I just want the world to understand the energy it takes sometimes to ignore the stupidity.

Good night, and Happy Dreams.


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