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I've Missed Reaching Out

Good morning, and Happy Thursday all!

I hope that this post finds everyone well, and happy.

Man....I didn't realize how long I have been out of pocket. I am sorry that this year's start has kept me so busy.

What have I been up to, you ask?

Well, I have been engaged in some business pursuits, and working on some personal goals of mine. I will be happy to chat about them with you over champagne and our nosh setup when we have the pleasure of meeting. They are things that make me smile :)

Until then, I hope to be planning a new photo shoot soon for you all to feast your eyes on, and hopefully enjoy.

I LOVE shooting! I love working with creatives that have visions that coincide with mine, and my image. I love picking out ensembles and jewelry, and pairing them with the smashing heels and perfect lip. I guess it comes from my days as a model....reminders of the excitement of preparing for the show/shoot. It can be exhausting, but I certainly find it to be quite fun. It's time for Spring photos, isn't it?

I will definitely be sharing more about what else I have been up to with you soon. Lots of things in the works. Hopefully it allows me to reach more of you on a personal level.

Have a wonderfully happy day


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