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Hello there.

I’m Shira, your mature discreet companion. Your truly rare gem, and unique find. I have been told that I bring a type of fire and passion into all my interactions. I attempt to create a warm and welcoming experience for all I encounter. I am aware that I am not for everyone, nor do I attempt to be. I bring a certain flair and je ne sais quoi to all my trysts with  only the most esteemed and discerning gentlemen. A gentleman who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Is that you? Don't you deserve the finest things in life? Well, look no further because here I am. 

I enjoy many different cultural events, having grown up being exposed to many different aspects of various cultures. I like fine dining, as well as t-shirt and jeans outings. I can rock a pair of boots just as easily as I can a sultry pair of heels. I like finding you across the room, giving that come hither look as I will you to my side to flirt with you and make you the envy of all the other men in the room. Know that my attention will only be on you as I walk with you hand-in-hand through the restaurant or your black-tie gala. I thoroughly enjoy art, and wine tasting. I also am very energetic and LOVE to dance. Please know that I will always carry myself with extreme levels of class mixed with the demurest amount of sexiness. I am highly educated and very intelligent, but please don’t think that I am a bore. Far from it. I thrive on intellectual conversation, and even enjoy some mature debate on current issues. As a licensed medical professional, I can revive you if my randy endeavors leave you needing special attention :)

I love to travel and am passport ready.  Having traveled extensively in and out of the country, I embrace different cultures and ethnicities, and am always interested in learning more. I prefer establishing a connection with the gentlemen that I see, which means that I prioritize longer dates. I am available for extended dates, as well as weekend excursions for those whom I feel will mesh well with my energy. I offer FMTY or Fly Me With You as an option because I don’t tour much, but I love meeting new friends. 

When you find me, you have found your new addiction. Don’t fight it. Let me be the secret that inhabits your mind as you daydream at your desk, wondering what our next date should be.


Height: Just under 5’4”

Weight: 120 lbs

Measurements: 34DDD (natural)- 26-33

Build: Athletic

Age: 35+

Shoe: 5.5 US/ /36 EU

Dress: S/4

Blouse: S/4

Pants: S

Eyes: Heavenly Almond Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Heritage: African/American 

Female Grooming: Either Bare or Landing strip

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