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I love hearing what you enjoyed about our time. Please send me those things via tweets, email etc ! Please remember this is not a Review and as such I prefer no details. Speak in general terms with subtly and panache please. If you do not wish it shared say so or be blunt and it will NOT be...LOL

Suit And Tie

Shira Salome


The name alone is enough to evoke unbelievable thrills throughout your body.  Shira was one of the great sirens of her time, and could get men to do  whatever she wanted them to do, in order that they could stay in her good graces, and thus in her bed.  Then there was Salome’, a woman with no equal in the Bible.  I always felt strange about discussing such a seductress , but it’s there, and John the Baptist lost his head because of her, and her hold on Herod Antipas. 


Get ready gentlemen, because your lucky ship has come in, and it’s in the form of a 5’4”, 120# ball of seduction, who is going to take you to new heights.  Between her oral idée fixe, which she is unable to quench, or her undeniable appetite for men, Shira Salome will always deliver what is promised.  I have seen her literally 150+ times over the last 6 years, and not once have I been disappointed in our time together, and believe me, her assets are delicious, tight, and juicy!!!!!!


I almost hate to write this,  because I don’t want her dance card getting filled up, and it will, especially when you start seeing her photos. Never mind once you've met her. 

Need a lovely on your arm? You don’t have to worry about SS in a crowd of people, as she is well spoken, well rounded, and very mature. 


Hurry, don’t miss out, as I doubt she will be around for long.





Opera Ghost

To my potential new friend,

When I chose to explore this sub-culture and side profession. I knew immediately being average or like others was not an option! I never do anything (as my dad would say "half ass")


So I have set some very high standards for myself and the companions I keep company with. I expect my clients to not be average either. You should be the man who knows what he wants and the man who gets it! 

I insist on ABSOLUTE safety. I expect to be treated with respect as well as. I respond  to generosity but not absent of being respectful. I don't wish to have reviews and detest the boards that denigrate women in such a way. The man by my side will be willing to invest in this process of due diligence in finding his RIGHT companion and not just hops from one to another. Lets say I am best suited for the more indubitable type gentleman in his life and choices.

You should be the man that gets that companionship is way more organic than the review boards would have one think!  You are the man that gets that value is not based on dollars vs acts. You recognize a woman who's innate sensibilities respond to you as a man rather than monetary inducement. You will be the man that understands that experience is priceless!

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