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Sultry Dinner Date

We make arrangements for me to come for a visit. I arrive, excited at the opportunity to finally meet you.

Once I get to the hotel, I call you to let you know I've arrived. You tell me that you've made dinner arrangements, but you won't have much time before our reservation to come to the hotel, so you'll meet me in the lobby at 6:30.

At 6:30, you arrive via car service, and walk in to the hotel lobby. You find me sitting there, fitted blouse showing the shape of my full bosom and small waist, further accented by the waist of my tight skirt with a high thigh slit, and my very sexy 'come hither heels'. A slight smile creeps across your face, as you're pleasantly surprised by what you see.

You walk to me, taking me all in. embracing me in a full body hug, feeling my erect nipples run across your chest. You instantly feel a tightening of your slacks, but you know we have to go to dinner first. You pull back just enough to place your hand at the small of my back, and guide me out of the hotel and to the car. The driver meets us there, and opens the back door to let me in. As I lower myself to the seat to slide into the car, my legs part ever so slightly, and you think you see that I don't have panties on. A bead of sweat forms on your brow as you think, 'this is going to be a long dinner'.

As you slide into the back seat next to me, I place my hand on your knee, turn to look at you, and tell you how glad I am that we finally get to spend some time together in person. You respond that you are as well, as you place your hand on my right thigh. I lean in to place a light kiss on your cheek, as you turn suddenly, so my lips graze yours. I stare into your eyes as I press my lips further against yours. As you kiss me deeper, you feel my breath catch, so you know I'm turned on. This makes you immediately hard, as you know this means that I want you. As our kisses get longer and deeper, you run your hands across my body, feeling my warmth. I lean in to plant soft kisses on your neck, and notice that your hardening has created a tent in your pants. I place my hand gently on your still hardening member, and run my fingernails up and down the length through your pants.

As I start gently touching you, you take this as the all clear to see if there are panties under the skirt or not. You're facing me, and start to run your hand up my left thigh, going slowly, gently, tickling me softly along the way. As you get to the fold where my thigh and hip meet, you hesitate. You're debating on whether we should continue in our exploration, or wait until after dinner. We don't have that long of a ride to go. I sense your hesitation, and pull back. As I look at you, I suggest we wait until after dinner to pursue our desires. I straighten myself up, pull my skirt back down, and cross my legs, continuously rubbing my nails up and down your thigh.

We arrive at our destination, and the car stops out front, the driver comes to open the back door. You climb out, and offer your hand to me to help me out. As I slide across the seat to exit the car, you can't help but let your eyes drop to the shadowed area between my thighs. You're pretty sure I don't have panties on, but you didn't get to find out earlier. You're so curious.

We walk into the restaurant, my arm draped through yours. The hostess takes us to our table, in a secluded part of the restaurant, only a couple of tables around us. I take my seat, and immediately look up at you with a mischievous look in my eyes. You hold my stare as you walk to your seat. When you sit down, I take one of my feet out of a heel, and search for your leg with it. Once I find it, I run my toes up and down your leg. You look at me with want in your eyes. I'm constantly stroking you, and you stand to move to the seat next to me, instead of across from me. As you move closer, you take the opportunity to scoot the chair just a bit closer to mine. I ask you what you're doing. You tell me that you just want to be able to touch my soft skin while we eat.

As soon as you sit down, the waiter comes by, and you order a bottle of champagne. As soon as he walks away. you start to slowly run your hand up my thigh, while staring me in the eyes, never looking away. As you do, I bite my lip, and part my legs slightly, allowing you to find the moistness that awaits you.

As you feel me, so warm and wet, you surmise that you were panties, and you can now feel how wet I am. As you run your finger up and down my wet slit, the waiter brings our drinks. You don't want to stop, but you don't want me to be embarrassed if he sees what you're doing. You stop, even though you don't want to. When you stop, I turn to look at you and drop my mouth open as if to say, why are you stopping?!!? You take that as a sign to continue, so you do. My kitty gets wetter and wetter at every stroke up and down.

As he opens the bottle and fills our glasses, I let out an ever so soft moan. You start to pull your hand away, but I squeeze it with my thighs. As the waiter walks away, I slide myself closer to your hand, encouraging you to slide a finger into me. You do. I lightly close my eyes for just a second, feeling every millimeter you move into me, slowly grinding my hips into your hand. Subtle, but enough for you to not want to stop. As you slowly move your finger in and out of my wetness, I lean over and whisper to you, "I can't wait to feel you deep inside of me when we get back to the hotel". I notice that this makes you stand at attention, just at the thought of being inside my warm, wet tightness. I smile.

You finally pull your finger out of my tight little pussy, and bring it to your mouth, licking my nectar from it. I smile as I watch you lick every single drop away. I look you in the eye and tell you that I can't wait to devour you.

The rest of dinner is pretty uneventful, as we are trying to be on our best behavior, both knowing we could lose control at any given moment if we don't try. I keep squeezing my legs shut as you try to run your hand back up my skirt, and you tell me to behave as I try to run my hand over your cock.

We finish dinner, FINALLY, you pay the check, and we walk to the front of the restaurant, out to the car. As you open the door for me, I lean into you and whisper that I'm very horny. You smile slyly, and respond that you are too.

I slide into the seat, and as you are getting in, I press the button to slide the divider up between the front seat and the back. As soon as your body makes contact with the seat and the door closes, I straddle you, my skirt pulled up around my hips. I tell you that I can't wait until we get back to the hotel; I want to fuck you now. You are taken back a bit, but know that there's no stopping me. I quickly undo your zipper on your pants, and lower my wet pussy onto your already throbbing cock. I moan as I lower myself onto your hardness, slowly grinding you deeper into me as I do.

As I continue slowly riding your cock, you grab my hips and move with me, pushing deeper and deeper as you let out a soft, "oh yes".

How does this story end?

You tell me.


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