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Here it is!!

I am SOO excited to release my blog and website, and share it with you guys, you can’t EVEN imagine!!!

I’m Shira. Temptress Extraordinaire. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

My passion is evoking and fueling your passion. I look for ways to share the most special and private moments with you. My blog will be a way for me to share my thoughts and experiences with you in a way that is totally me…..raw, unfiltered, and completely honest. Everyone won’t agree with my sentiments, and it’s ok. I’m not worried about making everyone happy. I’m more concerned about living in a state of being where I’m ok with myself. And, that, I am.

If you’ve found my blog and it piques your interest enough that you desire to know more about the things that interest me, hold on to your hat, because I’m sure there will be many a blog post that gives more insight into who I am, and what I enjoy. Sometimes you may just get a glimpse into my mind for the day, with deeper thoughts and wonderings. Other days, you may get the erotica that comes from the sensual side of me that just can’t seem to get enough. Either of these days, you will always get me at my best, crafting my thoughts and words in a way that speak to you. Or at least, I hope they do. I hope my words rattle around in your brain, on the tip of your tongue, making you desire me in a way that you can’t quite explain, but knowing that you HAVE to indulge.

Until we have the pleasure, be safe, and enjoy life.

I look forward to our future meetings.


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