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I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with FIRE ~ ~Shira

Consideration For My Time & Companionship


Can't BARE to part

This is one of my favorite dates. I love taking our time for exploring.

We can play some naked twister {wink}

Then have an indoor picnic with champagne and some yummy noshing or let me be your own personal sushi tray. No wasabi please. LOL whatever we do I want us to feel relaxed and unrushed. This is perfect for me letting you know how special you are, not to mention how special I am compared to others.


3 Hours


A Perfect Pair

Let's face it,  this is an exciting and yet unnerving experience and some folks need an extra 30 minutes to calm themselves and relax. Even I experience that on occasion. 

Lets spend a couple hours in intimate conversation over some delicious bubbly.

 Maybe we met before and you are already relaxed...

SO what about a lingerie lunch.  Lets enjoy a delicious private lunch with me scantily clad in beautiful high end lingerie. 

2 Hours


Brief Get Acquainted 

Let's spend an hour and a half getting acquainted. We can chat over a drink or simply have coffee and private dessert. 

I have to tell you however, I love longer encounters but this is an excellent way to become familiar and see how we meld together as companions and friends.

However.....I am aware that sometimes you have to grab what you can and make it happen.

1.5 Hour 




Man of the Hour

This is mostly designed for the client I have already built  rapport with, but doesn't always have 90 min. to spare.

Preferred minimum for new clients is 90 min. However, if one hr is what works best for your time and pocketbook, please ask for this as an option.

1 Hour 



Let Get Social


Need some dinner or dancing? Maybe you have an event and you need someone smart and conversational on your arm. I love social time almost as much as private. I can be gracious, I can converse on a wide range of topics and I can cha cha cha, love to boogie down or even waltz.

I have a professional wardrobe and I love to dress up in a gown with the most seductive lingerie underneath! 

6 Hours

(min 2 social)


Slumber Party

Everyone needs a little cuddle. Lets have a delicious dinner maybe a private dessert. Enjoy cuddling or playing some sexy games. I can tell you a sweet bedtime story. You will love my sexy slumber party lingerie I promise!

Overnight 12 hrs  breakfast in bed


When booking our date especially the first time, I often find that my suitors decide during our time that they'd like to enjoy more time with me.  My additional hours after you've booked will be at $400 each addl hour. My schedule allowing, of course!

NOTE: One hour dates are not my preferred for first time suitors,  so please keep in mind that extended engagements will always take priority.

Longer arrangements also available. Inquire for FMTY, weekend, week long, or exclusive arrangements.


Enjoy Just Chatting ?

  • Skype chat- 15 min US $150  ~ Video chat 

  • Skype chat- 30 min US $200  ~ Video chat 

  • Skype chat- 45 min US $300  ~ Video chat 

  • Virtual Girlfriend- wkly rate US $250 ~ daily text, emails, weekly phone conversation

  • Skype chat- 60 min  US $400  ~ Video chat 

Gift Giving

I am often asked about what gifts I would like. Let me first say gifts are never expected,  but ALWAYS appreciated! If you are feeling especially generous and want to know what kind of gifts might be most appreciated click HERE.



Deposit may be required to secure your date. Rate is for model's time only. 


Cancellation policy: I know life happens, but know that I have set this time aside for you specifically, and deserve to have that time respected. Last minute cancellations will incur a $200 cancellation fee. All cancelled dates must pay a 20% deposit to reschedule. 

If you cancel a FMTY, the full donation is due as cancellation fee, as I changed or adjusted my schedule to join you wherever you are. I respect your time; please respect mine. Thanks, SS 

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